Video Presentation: Walker, Aguilar, Johnson, Honored at City Reception

The City of Sulphur Springs honored Clay Walker for his 16 years on  the city council, Oscar Aguilar for his 12 years on the council, and Craig Johnson for his 9 years. The three were honored Thursday afternoon in city council chambers.  (See video below.)

Walker, who did not seek re-election for another term, has served on the council longer than any other. Prior to Walker’ 16 years, local attorney Larry Powers held the record with 12 years. Aguilar tied Powers’ record  at 12.

Clay Walker

Mayor John Sellers welcomed those present and noted Walker’ length of service. Walker served as mayor for the city in 2005-2006.  Walker was recognized for his outstanding service to the city with a city medallion, mayor’s gavel, photo, and portrait. Walker addressed those present saying it has been an honor serving the city.  He stated that the future for the city is bright and he is optimistic for the city’s future. Walker will continue to service the city as an Economic Development Commission board member.

Oscar Aguilar

Aguilar, mayor of the city in 2008, received a photo , a mayor’s gavel, and commemorative coin. He stated that he hoped the abandoned would be  made habitable. He noted the reviving of the building that now houses the council chambers and staff offices. He said progress in the city will continue to draw new residents to the city.

Craig Johnson

Johnson, who has been on the council for 9 years, and also served as mayor, received the three gifts. He noted the council members with whom he had worked and the city staff. He stated that all had worked well together to accomplish much.

Sellers noted the advances made in the city during the years of service of the three.  He stated that they had not always agreed but had always remained friends.

Author: Staff Reporter

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