The Edge Conditioning Program Ended Thursday

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The Edge conditioning program wrapped up its six week run Thursday (July 26) and Wildcats Athletic Director Greg Owens gave it an overall grade of A- saying it was good and positive. This year The Edge was presented by Michael Johnson Performance instead of the Wildcats and Lady Cats’ coaches.

Coach Owens said the effectiveness of the program would be evaluated as sports seasons begin. He said kids that committed and showed up made great gains, transformed their bodies and got into the best shape of their lives. Coach Owens said he feels the attendees are now quicker and more agile. Some athletes did not miss a single session. Coach Owens said MJP stressed techniques and fundamentals. He said he was especially pleased with players improvement in changing directions.

Coach Owens said he and his coaches are asking kids, especially seniors, what they thought of the new Edge and what they got out of it. He said he hoped to continue the relationship and partnership with Michael Johnson Performance in the future. Coach Owens said his coaches picked up some great ideas such as new agility drills and some different weight room approaches. He was impressed with how The Edge attendees breezed through the gasser test done recently.

Coach Owens would have liked to seen better attendance. He said about 25% of football players did not attend. Coach Owens is worried those players will struggle when practice begins next month.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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