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Annual Senior Citizens Ice Cream Contest Provides Sweet Relief From the Heat

As always, a large crowd of Senior Citizens was on hand for the annual Ice Cream Contest at the Sulphur Springs Seniors Center to act as tasters and judges. And as they gathered, a crew of fourteen ice cream makers were bringing in their freezers full of prize-winning homemade ice cream which were lined up at serving tables. Karon Weatherman, assisted by the Hopkins County Marketers,  handed out the bowls and spoons and at 2 pm sharp, she blew the starting whistle. There was a rush to get in line for samples of choices flavors, and in almost no time, the ice cream was gone and the vote was in. Here are the standouts in the 2018 Ice Cream Contest.

1st Place – John and Mary Ellen Little – Cherry
2nd Place – Edith Hankins – Peach Praline
3rd Place – Marci Gammill and Micca Sheedy – Abaccus Home Health – Banana Caramel Crunch

John and Mary Ellen Little, Cherry Ice Cream

Edith Hankins, Peach Praline Ice Cream

Team Marcie Gammill (pictured) and Micah Sheedy with Banana Carmel Crunch

Of course, all the rest were too good to leave out, so here are more winners!

Honorable Mentions:
Stacey Wetzel – CIMA Hospice
Shannon Almand – Untied Health Care – (Shown in Photo Stepahnie Wells) Chocolate Butterfinger
Kaci Berryhill and Debbie Jones – Sulphur Springs Health and Rehab – Vanilla
Yorri Massey – Cypress Basin Hospice – Buttermilk Plum
Joyce Bateman – Heritage Park Museum – Peach
Mack and Sandy Pitts – Strawberry Banana

Stacy Wetzel, Cima Hospice with Banana Ice Cream

Joyce Bateman, Heritage Park with Peach Ice Cream

Yorrie Massey, Cypress Basin Hospice with Buttermilk Plum Ice Cream

Kaycie Berryhill and Debbie Jones of SS Health and Rehab with Vanilla

Mack and Sandy Pitts, Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Shannon Almand, United Healthcare, Vanilla







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