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SSISD Board Approves New Teacher Pay Scale, Additional Police Officer; Personnel Changes

In a special session Monday morning, Sulphur Springs School Board announced they will be hiring an additional officer for the SSISD Police Force and approved an increase in pay scale for teachers and teacher’s aides. Personnel changes were also approved (see below).

Superintendent Michael Lamb stated during public forum that the hiring of a new police officer would bring the total force to nine and will place an officer on each campus. He stated that the job would be posted sometime this week. The new officer will serve at the Austin Academic Center campus.

Teachers will now see a starting salary of $40,000 in SSISD and pay increases will begin after the first year instead of the third year under the most recent structure. Salaries at year 30 will reach $54,950. Pay increase for teachers each year will be $100 per year for the first five years and increase to $200 per year for the next two years. Teachers beginning at year nine will see an increase of $500 each year for three years. The increase will be $800 per year from year 12 through year 18. Pay raise each year after year 18 will be similar to the current plan. Teacher Aide pay scale will also increase. The changes will mean an increase of over $360,000 to the 2018-2019 budget for teacher pay and over $70,000 for teacher aide pay.



Frances Simmons                   Educational Diagnostician                               Special Services


Tiffany Anderson                     Grade 4 Teacher                                             SS Elementary

Tanya Bain                              Grade 8 ELAR Teacher                                  Middle School

Michelle Barron                       English Teacher                                              Middle School

Fernando Arellano                  Spanish Teacher/Coach                                 High School

Jeff Chapman                          PE/Head Girls’ Basketball Coach                   High School

Jonathan Scoggins                 SpEd/Math Co-Teacher                                  High School

New Personnel

Julie Hill                                   Grade 2 ELAR Teacher                                  Bowie Primary

Chandler Silman                     Library Aide                                                     Bowie Primary

Lidia Mejia                               Kindergarten Dual Lang. Teacher                   Travis Primary

Rayla Petty                              SpEd Aide                                                       SS Elementary

Vallesha Adams                      SpEd Aide                                                       Middle School

Adolphus Davis                       PE Teacher/Boy’s Coach                                Middle School

Jinjer Postlethwait                   SpEd Teacher                                                 Middle School

Javier Aguayo                         Asst. Soccer Coach/Teacher                          High School

Brittany Tisdale                       Science/Head Girls’ Basketball Coach           High School

Alexi Upton                              Teacher/Head Boys’ Soccer Coach                High School

Personnel Change    New position/campus                       Former position/campus

Mary Ann Williams      Ed. Diagnostician/Special Ser.            Special Ed Teahcer/Middle School

Karla Brown                Grade 2 ELAR Teacher/Lamar           Grade 2 ELAR Teacher/Bowie

Saundra Lewis            SpEd Aide/SS Elementary                  V.I. Aide/Special Services

Myshoni Crook            SpEd Teacher/Middle School             SpEd Grade 4 Teacher/SS Elem

Ashlee Wells               Grade 6 English Teacher/MS              SpEd Aide/Middle School



Author: Staff Reporter

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