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Personnel Changes at SSISD Approved in June Board Meeting

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Tuesday evening during the SSISD Board meeting,  a number of personnel changes were noted. Among the resignations was Wildcat Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron. Abron’s replacement in the slot, Alexander Guerra, was hired. Nicolus Wiggins, Head Boys Soccer Coach and Science Teacher, also resigned. Other resignations, new personnel, and personnel changes are noted below.

Summer Contract- due to mid-term hire date

Kaley Williams                                  Science Teacher                                                                           High School


Amanda Nabors                               Head Start 3 Teacher                                                    ECLC

Kori Reed                                          Kindergarten Teacher                                                   ECLC

Kati Adair                                           Grade 2 Teacher                                                           Bowie Primary

Carmen Contreras                           Grade 4 Bilingual Teacher                                           SS Elementary

Amanda Fowler                                Grade 3 Teacher                                                          SS Elementary

Charlotte Wilson                            Grade 4 Teacher                                                            SS Elementary

Deanna Cousin                               SpEd/Math Co-Teach                                                   Middle School

Victoria Smith                                   SpEd Aide                                                                     Middle School

Triston Abron                                    PE Teacher/Coach (Defensive Coord.)                  High School

Kayla Weir                                         English Teacher                                                          High School

Nicholus Wiggins                            Science Teacher/Head Boys Soccer Coach            High School


New Personnel

Alexander Guerra                            Defensive Coordinator/PE Teacher                           High School

Steve Proctor                                    Band Administrative Assistant                                    High School

Destiny Shumate                             SpEd Aide                                                                       High School/Connections

LaTosha Utt                                      Pre-Kindergarten Teacher                                           Douglass ECLC

Sara Helms                                       SpEd Aide                                                                       Barbara Bush Primary

Mariah Kendricks                             SpEd Aide                                                                       Barbara Bush Primary

Lanie Smith                                      SpEd Aide                                                                       Barbara Bush Primary

Lisa Sutterfield                                 Grade 3 ELAR Teacher                                                Bowie Primary

Patricia Aulbaugh                            Grade 3 ELAR Teacher                                                Lamar Primary

Melinda Butts                                   Kindergarten Math/Science Teacher                         Lamar Primary

Carolina Moreno-Alcantara           SpEd Aide                                                                       Travis Primary

Joanna Byrd                                     Grade 4 ELAR Teacher                                                SS Elementary

Ashley Jovanovich                          Grade 4 ELAR Teacher                                                SS Elementary

Jamie VanWinkle                            Grade 4 Math & Science Teacher                               SS Elementary


Personnel Changes                      New position/campus                                  Former position/campus

Angel McCoy                                    Kindergarten SpEd Teacher/                              SpEd Aide/SS Elementary

Barbara Bush Primary

Alma Ramirez                                   Library Aide/Travis Primary                           Library Aide/Bowie Primary

Tiffani Contreras                                             Grade 1 Math & Science Teacher/                              Library Aide/Travis Primary

Travis Primary

Christine Rogers                                             Grade 4 SpEd Self-Contained Teacher/     SpEd Aide/Douglas

SS Elementary

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Author: Staff Reporter

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