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Krantz for Congress Presents Petition to Ratcliffe

Photo from Krantz’ Petition page

[Editor’s Note: Texas Congressional District 4 includes Hopkins and all or part of counties in Northeast Texas}

Rockwall, TX— Democratic nominee Catherine Krantz (D-Emory) for US House of Representatives TX04, has started a petition urging incumbent Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Heath) to stand up for human decency and “take a public and urgent stance to end the policy of Family Separation at our borders.”  The petition further states that “Regardless of political affiliation, Americans believe in human dignity and the fair treatment of children… We stand with the children and we ask that you do as well.”

This petition received over 200 signatures in just one day and she plans to hand deliver it to Rep, Ratcliffe’s Rockwall office Tuesday June 19, at 10am, at 6531 Horizon Rd Suite A, Rockwall TX 75032. A similar demonstration is planned at his Texarkana Congressional office on Friday June 22nd.  Krantz says the thought of children being separated from their mothers and just being sent some place alone with no one to care for them was haunting her.  She said she started the petition because “We just want to hold our elected officials accountable.  We just want to know that our representatives will do the right thing, that they have a moral compass. This isn’t what America is all about, we are better than this.”

Due to public outcry and bi partisan outrage, the issue of family separation at our borders has been brought to the forefront. A poll released today showed that 2/3rds of Americans were against the policy of family separation at our borders and Krantz hopes her petition to her Congressman will let him know where so many of his constituents stand on the issue.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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