2018 Dairy Festival Parade: Party till the Cows Come Home

The Dairy Festival Parade matched this years Dairy Festival Theme of “Party till the Cows Come Home” as each float was decorated to resemble many different sorts of parties: Tea-parties, Luau’s, slumber parties, masquerades, and much more! All the floats were creative and had intricate designs.  As usual, many of the floats threw candy to the delight of the children in the crowd. The Dairy Museum gave out stress balls in the shape of cute cows, and 1st Choice Home Heath gave out tape measures. Crowds lined the streets eager to watch for their favorite Dairy Festival Queen Contestants, grab some tasty candy, and wave at all those who passed by.

The local businesses participated in the parade sporting classic sports cars, tractors, and 18-wheelers. The local law enforcement lit up the street with their flashing lights and sirens. The fire department would not be out done and brought their new custom built fire-engine to thrill the crowds.

The eight Dairy Festival Contestants had put a lot of thought and effort into their creative floats and were excited to greet the crowds. Reigning Dairy Festival Queen Jaci Reed elegantly waved to the crowds as she sat upon the traditional queen float.

It was an event favored by all who attended the dairy festival this year.

Author: Savannah Everett

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