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2018 Dairy Festival Ice Cream Freeze-Off Winners

This Year’s Ice Cream Freeze off was a huge success. The judge’s results were prompt and highly anticipated. Lezley Brown, CEO and President of the Chamber of Commerce, explained that “The board of directors [for the Ice Cream Freeze-Off] decided to expedite this year’s ice cream awards ceremony by not offering a people’s choice award.” Ice cream flavors ranged from classic vanilla to dill pickle flavored. Contestants and visitors alike were thrilled with the varieties of ice cream. See below for the winners.

Little Dips:

3rd place: Addison Bowers-Banana
2nd place: Sara Voss-S’mores
1st place: Slayton McClendon-Creamy Vanilla
First timers: 
3rd: Mitzi Hughes/Cherrie Guthrie-vanilla
2nd: Susan McCollum-Browned Butter Caramel Cheesecake
1st:Yorri Massey-Buttermilk Plum
Big Dips:
2nd: Joe and Angela Price-vanilla
1st: Tonya Ross-vanilla
2nd: Dana Strain-Peach
1st: Laura Tulley-Peach
3rd:Kim Bailey-Mocha Java Thriller
2rd: Tonya Ross-Dill Pickle
1st: Jade Bell-Butter Pecan
Super Scoops:
2nd: Monte Wise-Reese’s PB cup
1st: James Ross-Creamy Strawberry
Raffle Winners:
Kid Raffle: Jovie Brown
Adult Raffle: Chris Beach

Author: Savannah Everett

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