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Wildcats, Lady Cats Receive Major Awards at All-Sports Banquet

Major awards were all shared at the 2017-2018 Sulphur Springs Wildcat All-Sports Banquet Monday night (May 7).

Football, baseball and track athlete Ryan Humphries and football player and powerlifter D’Idrec Dugan were co-winners of the Forrest Gregg MVP Award for a Wildcat. Track, volleyball and basketball player Imani Taylor and Volleyball and basketball player Kaylee Jefferson shared the Forrest Gregg MVP Award for a Lady Cat.

Tory Humphries (left) Coach Matt Young (right)

Football player Terrell Turman and football and soccer player D.J. Abron were co-winners of the James Cameron Fighting Heart Award for a Wildcat. Softball player Alyssa Abron and volleyball player Anden Hammack shared the James Cameron Fighting Heart Award for a Lady Cat.

The Wildcats’ baseball team and the Lady Cats’ softball team were introduced bu no MVP’s were announced with both those teams still playing.

MVP’s for the Wildcats’ track team were its’ seniors. The Lady Cats’ track MVP was Imani Taylor who will compete at the State Track Meet Friday.

The Wildcats’ golf MVP was junior Carter Lewis, a regional qualifier. The Lady Cats’ golf MVP was freshman Miriam Tran, a regional qualifier.

For the Wildcats’ tennis team, the girls’ MVP was Zoe Wilson and the boys’ MVP was senior Alex Benitez, the first male tennis player from Sulphur Springs to go to the regional tennis tournament in about 20 years.

There were two Wildcats’ powerlifting MVP’s, D’Idrec Dugan and Ian Blanch, both State Meet qualifiers.

The Wildcats’ soccer MVP’s were its’ seniors. The Lady Cats’ soccer team had co-MVP’s, senior forward Gracie Boyer and senior midfielder Taylor Robinson.

The Wildcats’ basketball MVP’s were all four of their seniors Iverson Wade, Dedric Godbolt, Bryson Lynn and I’vyn Clayton. The Lady Cats’ basketball MVP was Kaylee Jefferson.

For cross country, the Lady Cats’ MVP was Sydney Washburn and the Wildcats’ MVP was Landon Thornton.

The Wildcats’ football MVP’s were their seniors.

The Lady Cats’ volleyball MVP’s were seniors Kaylee Jefferson and Anden Hammack.

Head Athletic Trainer Tammy Carrell selected three seniors as Athletic Trainers MVP’s, Montana Hatley, Jenifer Maldinado and Beverly Luna.

Wildcats Athletic Director Greg Owens gave Special Olympic athlete awards to Zach Pearson and Dustin Self. He also recognized athletic support groups, the cheerleaders, the drill team and the band.

Author: Staff Reporter

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