Steven Proctor Retires and Other End of School Year Personnel Changes in SSISD

During Tuesday night’s School Board meeting, personnel changes were approved. As the school year ends, several changes will be made.

One of those changes that ends an era of dedicated service is the retirement of Steve Proctor. Mr. Proctor has been a director in the  Sulphur Springs ISD band program 33 years and has been in education for 39 years.

Approved personnel changes include:


Steven Proctor                        Band Director                                      Middle School/High School


Kara Ballard                            Head Start Mental Health/                   ECLC

Disabilities Specialist

Alejandra Hernandez              Pre-K Aide                                           ECLC

Lisa Johnson                           SpEd Teacher                                     ECLC

Arlett Monrreal            Title I Aide                                           ECLC

Alexa Thomas                         Grade 2 Teacher                                 Lamar

Alison Thompson                    Grade 1 Teacher                                 Lamar

Justin Wilkerson                      PE Teacher                                         Lamar

Kylie Wyly                               Library Aide                                         Lamar

Shelby Harrelson                    Grade 3 Teacher                                 SS Elementary

Alyssa Payne                          Grade 4 Teacher                                 SS Elementary

Tiffany Walker                         Grade 3 Teacher                                 SS Elementary

Stephanie Buchanan               SpEd Aide                                           Douglas

Kristin McKinney                     Grade 5 Teacher                                 Douglas

Melissa Peugh            English Teacher                                  Middle School

New Personnel

Janelle Safford                        Elementary Instruct. Tech. Spec.        Administration

Kelly Herriage                         Grade 1 Math & Science Teacher       Former ECLC

Nicole Olson                            Kingergarten ELAR Teacher               Former ECLC

Chelsea Adams                       Grade 3 Math Teacher                        Bowie

Summer Ball                           Grade 1 Teacher                                 Bowie

Chasity Nottingham                 Grade 3 ELAR Teacher                      Bowie

Lisa Lantz                                Elementary Counselor            Lamar

Kaci Smith                               Kindergarten Teacher                         Lamar

Aleesa Morris                          Grade 3 ELAR Teacher                      Travis

Hayley Brock                           Grade 5 ELAR Teacher                      SS Elementary

Joseph Boedigheimer             Instruct. Tech. Spec.                           Middle School

Cassidy McClure                     Math Teacher                                      Middle School

Troy Emerson                         Auto Tech Teacher                             High School

Mariela Fitzsimmons               Spanish Teacher                                 High School

Personnel Changes              New position/campus                       Former position/campus

Rachel Kistler                          Special Prog. Specialist/                     Acad. Spec./Bowie

Special Services

Miki Koon                                Mental Health&Disabilities Spec./       Kindergarten/Former ECLC

Douglas ECLC

Jovona Schmidt                      Grade 1 ELAR/Former ECLC             Grade 3 ELAR/SS Elem

Esmeralda Aguilar                   Title I Aide/Bowie                                Receptionist/ECLC

Lesli Ray                                 Dyslexia Therapist/Bowie                    Grade 1 ELAR/Bowie

Denise Bybee                          P.E. Teacher/Lamar                            Grade 1 Bilingual/Travis

Sofia Sosa                               Bilingual Aide/Travis                           SpEd Aide/Lamar

Abigail Godina                         Grade 5 Bilingual/SS Elem.                Bilingual Aide/SS Elem.

Amanda Thompson                 Dyslexia Therapist/SSMS & Lamar     Grade 1 Teacher/Bowie


Author: Staff Reporter

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