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SSISD Places Second in Elementary Academic UIL Competiton

SSISD’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students participated in an Elementary Academic UIL competition on Saturday, March 24th, 2018.  The contest was hosted at Pine Tree Middle School in Longview, TX.  Our team was represented by 120 students, 33 coaches, and our five campus coordinators.  Our students competed in 27 events ranging from number sense to storytelling. Our SSISD team earned second place standing overall. This is SSISD’s third year in recent history to participate in elementary UIL.  Last year, the SSISD team finished first in the meet, but this year, they were very narrowly defeated by Hallsville.

Administrators believe the Academic UIL competition in the lower grades will provide a catalyst to more invovement of students in the high school UIL program.

  1. Results (Points) by School / Grade


School2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th GradeTotal Points
Sulphur Springs49149216.5298712.5
Pine Tree365010393282


  1. Results by Grade / Event
  2. 2nd Grade (Campus Coordinators – Rachel Kistler, Chandra Crawford, Ana Ramirez)


Music MemoryAlma Ramirez, Yadira Preciado, Anna HicksJulieth Tellez, Anika Fiock, Mitch Emmert1st Place, 3rd Place, 6th Place
Music Memory (Team)Alma Ramirez, Yadira Preciado, Anna HicksJocey Porter, Maximiliano Hernandez, Lily Morris, Mitch Emmert, Julieth Tellez, Anika Fiock2nd Place
Creative WritingCassie Fleming, Mariana Hernandez, Amy TantonBrielle Garing, Presley Smith1st Place, 2nd Place
Chess PuzzleLyndsay McCoy, Michelle Wallace, Justin WilkersonCaleb Tiemeyer4th Place
Chess Puzzle (Team)Lyndsay McCoy, Michelle Wallace, Justin WilkersonCaleb Tiemeyer, Gabriel Castro, Dakota Gilpin, Brody Darrow3rd Place
Story TellingCarla Brown, Monica Hernandez, Nikole BrownZoe Beall, Chloe Jenkins5th Place, 6th Place


  1. 3rd Grade (Campus Coordinator – Sasha Posey)


Music MemoryDanette LoveladyTray Smith, Colby Mayfield, Bailey Winn1st Place, 2nd Place, 4th Place
Music Memory (Team)Danette LoveladyBailey Winn, Alexa Mendez, Kaylie Resendiz, Tray Smith, Colby Mayfield2nd Place
Ready WritingAngela GrimesJessica Reed, Ian Townsend, Kiley Vaughan2nd Place, 3rd Place, 5th Place
Chess PuzzleDaMarcus JohnsonCooper Thesing, Piper Lilley, Zackary Young1st Place, 3rd Place, 5th Place
Chess Puzzle (Team)DaMarcus JohnsonPiper Lilley, Cooper Thesing, Zackary Young, Jackson Lundell1st Place
SpellingShelby GibsonCameron Endsley, Kenzi White4th Place, 5th Place
Spelling (Team)Shelby GibsonCaemeron Endsley, Kenzi White, Vennie Perez, Gilbert Martinez1st Place
Story TellingBrittany HicksKeely Montgomery, Adrian Salas, Aylaen Burrell3rd Place, 5th Place, 6th Place


  1. 4th Grade (Campus Coordinator – Sasha Posey)


Music MemoryDanette LoveladyAnthony Small, Ben Lovelady, Nathan Bilyeu, Cason Walls1st Place, 3rd Place, 4th Place, 5th Place
Music Memory (Team)Danette LoveladyAnthony Small, Ben Lovelady, Nathan Bilyeu, Cara Batterton, Cason Walls1st Place
SpellingCarolyn RoweBrooks Burgin, Brooklyn Person, Abigail Bautista, Jaxson Haire1st Place, 3rd Place, 4th Place, 5th Place
Spelling (Team)Carolyn RoweBrooks Burgin, Brooklyn Person, Jaxson Haire, Abigail Bautista1st Place
ArtCharlotte WilsonKannon Gibson, Kendrie Roberts3rd Place, 4th Place
Art (Team)Charlotte WilsonKendrie Roberts, Anderson Grimes, Edilyne Resendiz, Kannon Gibson, Chelsea Stribling3rd Place
Number SenseCynthia TaylorGriff Arms, Addy Fenton, Dane Oud1st Place, 3rd Place, 5th Place
Number Sense (Team)Cynthia TaylorAddy Fenton, Tripp Townsend, Dane Oud, Griff Arms1st Place
Chess PuzzleDaMarcus JohnsonAmber Elliott5th Place
Chess Puzzle (Team)DaMarcus JohnsonTate Young, Lucy McKenzie, Luke White, Amber Elliott3rd Place
Ready WritingJessica GilbertAmerson Boles, Tatum Thompson2nd Place, 4th Place
Oral ReadingRachel TubbHattie Thompson, Emma Boatman, Nathan Bilyeu1st Place, 2nd Place, 5th Place


  1. 5th Grade (Campus Coordinator – Sandy Stidham)


ArtMegan WigginsTy Holt, McCaulin Rollison, Jackie Banda, Aidia Goldsmith1st Place, 1st Place (Tied), 3rd Place, 4th Place
Art (Team)Megan WigginsJackie Banda, Ty Holt, McCaulin Rollison, Jayden McDonald, Aidia Goldsmith, Tori Gutierrez1st Place
ListeningAmy PetersDanielle Voyles3rd Place
Listening (Team)Amy PetersDanielle Voyles, Emerson Thompson, Jaden Allen, Kadin Lappin3rd Place
Dictionary SkillsMellissa FouseTracy Smithers, Sadie Barnett4th Place, 6th Place
Dictionary Skills (Team)Melissa FouseKaden Mitchell, Sadie Barnett, Tracy Smithers, Tatum Story2nd Place
Chess PuzzlePam AshBarrett Thesing, Brody Emmert, Levi Barnes, Gage Williams1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place
Chess Puzzle (Team)Pam AshBarrett Thesing, Brody Emmert, Levi Barnes, Gage Williams1st Place
Number SenseKaren MorelandBarrett Thesing3rd Place
Number Sense (Team)Karen MorelandBarrett Thesing, Miguel Correa, Jose Salas, Eddie Resendiz3rd Place
Music MemoryDeana SpragginsGavin Sills, Graham Mayo1st Place, 3rd Place
Music Memory (Team)Deana SpragginsGraham Mayo, Jayden McDonald, Ty Holt, Alexis Nickerson, Braylon Savage, Gavin Sills2nd Place
Oral ReadingMelissa JohnsonZoe Reed, Coryn Young, Aspen Mayhew, Lauren Dittrich1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, 5th Place
Maps, Graphs, and ChartsLeesha HartleySedon McCollom, Hanna Brewer4th Place, 6th Place
Maps, Graphs, and Charts (Team)Leesah HartleySedon McCollom, Hannah Brewer, Kaydence Ross, Gage Norman2nd Place
SpellingStephanie RossAndrew Richey, Sadie Barnett3rd Place, 5th Place
Spelling (Team)Stephanie RossSadie Barnett, Andrew Richey, Justin Debase, Abigail Tate2nd Place
Ready WritingNichole PettyReese Malone, Mackenzie Posey5th Place, 6th Place
Social StudiesJairo RamirezKaylyne Harper, Braylen Savage, Andrew Resendiz3rd Place, 5th Place, 6th Place
Social Studies (Team)Jairo RamirezMcKenna Meskimen, Kaylyne Harper, Braylen Savage, Andrew Resendiz2nd Place





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