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Meeting Ms. Hopkins County….Contestants 6 and 7

This is the third of four reports about contestants for the  2018 Ms. Hopkins County Senior Classic Pageant, taken from KSST Morning Show interviews with Enola Gay. The pageant will be staged on Saturday June 9 at 6pm in the Civic Center banquet hall. It is free to attend and open to the public. Let’s meet Contestants 6 and 7, Jan and Elizabeth!

Left, Jan Massey and right, Elizabeth Wilburn


Jan Massey, age 75, grew up in Delta County with a farming background, then moved with her husband to Sulphur Springs in 1962. At that time, she was a graduate of the Dale Carnagie course, and would go on to put the skills she learned to work in her careers. First employed at Texas Power and Light in Sulphur Springs, she was transferred to the Dallas office when their daughter Kim required long-term hospitalization. Later , back in Hopkins County, Jan’s resume grew as she worked for the  Extension office, as service manager at Fleetwood Homes, then for 23 years at Grocery Supply Inc. in customer service and sales with extensive travel.  Today she works part-time at the Millennium Shopper downtown, doing what she loves most, catering to the needs of her clients. Her daughter Kim and two grandchildren live close by. Jan plays the piano, enjoys traditional country western music and she loves to dance. Her talent presentation will be a comedy reading.

Elizabeth Wilburn, age 70, is not a stranger to the Ms. Hopkins County Pageant, She is returning for her fourth year because she really loves the excitement of meeting new friends and developing new talents. Twice recognized for her Philosophy of Life, she admits that the pageant has helped her develop skills that brought her out of shyness. Elizabeth’s first career was full-time stay-at-home mom, then she worked at Winn-Dixie and as manager of a downtown retail shop. She has lived in Sulphur Springs her entire life, her children live nearby and she is a treasure to her grandchildren. Jan credits her as being “the best neighbor”. Elizabeth’s talent presentation will be Minnie Pearl’s “How to Catch a Man”.

Be sure and attend the Ms. Hopkins County Senior Classic Pageant on Saturday June 9, 2018 at 6pm inside the Hopkins County Civic Center as all ten contestants compete for the crown and title and the chance to represent the senior women of Hopkins County. Winner advances to the Ms. Texas Senior Pageant in the Metroplex this Fall.



Author: Enola Gay

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