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Meal A Day: Going Above and Beyond for this Community

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Meal a Day workers have been reportedly helping out meal recipients and community members in need. One lady said the workers fixed her flowerbed on a rainy day.
KSST sat down with Karon Weatherman to find out more about these community helpers.
Weatherman explained that as the drivers go out on their daily routes they see the needs for the community members. “They wanted to help [this lady] because they love her.” Karen elaborated by saying “Meal a Day workers often help out” when they’re visiting the residents. “They take the trash out, or go grocery shopping for them.” These workers go above and beyond for their route members. “You sure get attached to them. When you’re driving and delivering [the food] you’d think you’re blessing [the meal a day recipients], but really the people are blessing you.” Many of the drivers think of their routes as time to visit their friends.
Meal a Day has about 80 volunteers who prepare and deliver food for 150-60 people Monday through Friday. The volunteers range from drivers and cooks.  There are six routes with one to two drivers on each route every day, and five cooks who make the food each day. It is an organization that is full of love and people that are exceptionally wonderful. If you would like more information on Meal A Day contact Karon Weatherman at (903)-885-1661.
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Author: Savannah Everett

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