Dairy Festival Adds New Event: Whipped Challenge

Hopkins County Dairy Festival has added a new event and welcomes participants to compete as teams. The event, Whipped Challenge, is patterned after Chopped, an American reality-based cooking game show. Four member teams may apply using the form below. Only eight teams will be accepted for the event.

Whipped Challenge: Rules of Play:

  1. Contest will take place on the front grounds of the Hopkins County Civic Center, 1200 W. Houston, Sulphur Springs, TX on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Check-in begins at the gazebo at 9:30 a.m. Orientation begins at 10:00 a.m., and the contest starts at 10:15 a.m.
  2. Participation will be limited to the first eight teams (4 members per team). Teams are requested to bring their own knives for chopping and slicing ingredients. After registering, teams will be directed to a food preparation station. There will be a set of ingredients at each station, but no recipe. The ingredients will represent a dish from one of the following: nutritious snack, main dish, dessert
  3. Preparation: each team will be provided with a set of ingredients reflective of the assigned category, and will create a single dish (not a full meal) using the ingredients.
  4. Teams are challenged to be creative by developing their own recipe with provided ingredients.
  5. Team must incorporate each ingredient into the dish. However, teams may determine the exact amount of each ingredient to use.
  6. Teams will have access to an equipment table and “pantry” of additional ingredients that may be used to compliment or garnish the dish.
  7. Each dish must contain at least 2 dairy products, provided in the pantry.

Round 1: eight teams will prepare a nutritious snack/appetizer (20 minutes).

Round 2: six teams will prepare a main dish (40 minutes).

Round 3: three remaining teams will prepare a dessert (20 minutes). One team will be named “Whipped” winner. Prizes will be awarded. Note: times include planning, preparation, and plating.  

  1. Note cards may be used to write down the recipe that the team creates.
  2. Food safety: teams should follow food safety practices since judges will taste dishes.
  3. Presentation: When time is called, each team will step away from their preparation station and take the completed dish to the judges’ area. The following pertains to team presentations:
  4. All team members will participate in the presentation.
  5. A maximum of 3 minutes will be allowed for each team’s presentation.
  6. Clean-up: Teams will NOT wash pots, cuttings boards, utensils, etc. using the outdoor water faucets. Place dirty cooking equipment and utensils in the trash bags provided. Place hot skillets or pans on table to cool. Discard used paper towels, wrappings, etc. into the trash receptacles. Liquids will be poured into the buckets provided.

Author: Staff Reporter

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