Wireless Communication Devices Not Allowed Within 100-FT of Voting Stations

Persons are not allowed to use a wireless communications device within 100-feet of the voting stations. Additionally, persons are not allowed to use a mechanical or electronic device to record sound or images within 100-feet of the voting stations. Said devices include but are not limited to cell phones, digital phones, cameras, phone cameras and sound recorders. A voting station is the area where the voter marks the ballot. The election judge has the authority to require persons to deactivate any such device and further authority to require persons who do not comply to leave the polling place.

Poll watchers are subject to additional rules and must sign an oath stating they do not have in their possession devices capable of recording images or sound or that they will disable or deactivate the devices while serving as a watcher.

Questions or clarification should be directed to the election judge in your polling place.

Note: This does not apply to election officers conducting official duties or the use of election equipment necessary for the conduct of the election. Furthermore, this does not apply to persons employed at the location in which a polling place is located while the person is acting in the cause of their employment.

Author: Staff Reporter

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