Franklin County Sheriff Reports Murder At American Inn in Mt Vernon

April 7, 2018 – Franklin County Sheriff, Ricky Jones, reported he and Investigators and Officers of the Mount Vernon Police Department and the Texas Rangers are investigating a murder which occurred at the American Inn located at 415 NW Access Road of Interstate-30 in Mount Vernon, Texas on April 6, 2018.
The Victim, Timothy Franks, is a 49 year old White Male who resides in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Joshua Anthony Parker, 19 year old white male of Morris County, Texas was arrested and booked into Titus County Jail for the Offense of Murder by MVPD CID, Texas Rangers and Mt Pleasant Police Department Officers’.

Sheriff Jones stated a Mount Vernon PD Officer and Animal Control Officer were dispatched to the hotel around 12:30PM after the occupant failed to check out of the room at the appropriate time. The Manager of the American Inn also reported the sound of a continuously barking dog in the room. Once officers opened the door they discovered the Victim, Timothy Franks, in the room and immediately contacted Mount Vernon Police Department investigators stated Sheriff Jones.
During the investigation here in Mount Vernon, Stated Sheriff Jones, investigators were able to obtain a description of the suspect and a description of the vehicle he left the scene in. Sheriff Jones went on to say, Investigators called and spoke with Mount Pleasant Police Department CID since the deceased, Mr. Franks, was from Mount Pleasant. After relaying to the MPPD CID the suspect description we had in our case we learned they had an incident with a person matching our suspect description in the early AM hours which involved a short stand-off with MPPD Officers and eventually ended in his arrest.

We also discovered the suspect had stolen the vehicle which he had fled the murder scene here in Mount Vernon from a residence in Morris County on the evening of Thursday, April 5th. This vehicle was recovered by MPPD CID and we are working with them on the recovery of evidence from the vehicle in our Murder case here in Mount Vernon stated Sheriff Jones.

“This case has involved multiple agencies over multiple jurisdictions with evidence collected in four counties. I would like to thank Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Pittsburg Police Department, Camp County Sheriff’s Office, Titus County Sheriff’s Office and especially the Mount Pleasant Police Department Officers and CID for in their assistance in recovery of evidence and arrest of Joshua Parker for Murder in this case.” Stated Sheriff Jones. He said that more information will be released as it becomes available and safe to do so.

Sheriff Ricky Jones

Author: Staff Reporter

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