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Who was the Special Guest at the Oaks B&B This Morning?

By Savannah Owens

Forty plus members of the Sulphur Springs Area Retired School Personnel Association met at the Oaks Bed and Breakfast Today, Tuesday, March 13th, for a program by Paula Altenbaumer. Paula presented the story of an early Texas pioneer, Sarah Ashby McClure Braches, that captivated and entertained her audience. The memebers enjoyed refreshments while listening to the life experiences from the eyes of Mrs. Sarah, who was one of the first colonizers of Texas in 1831.

Mrs. Sarah described a memory of being chased by a group of Comanches in 1838 and narrowly escaping after being separated from her husband. “I saw my husband galloping towards me and I took off my sunbonnet and waived it at him. I said ‘I’m all right-things are gonna be okay!'” The audience laughed as she commented on riding a horse with spurs. “Yes, I wore spurs!”

Mrs. Sarah had a life full of trials but always seemed to make the best of it. For more information about Sarah Ashby McClure Braches click here. For information regarding her burial site click here.

If you would like more information about the Sulphur Springs Retired School Personnel Association click here.

Author: Savannah Everett

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