Quilt Raffle Winner: Proceeds go to New Building in Sulphur Springs

Majel Redick (Shown in Photo)  was so excited about winning the Quilt Raffle last Friday, March 16th. Thank you Roberta Vanderburg, Wilma Moss, and Marti Rajotti of the Lone Star Heritage Quilt Guild for making the quilt for us to Raffle. The Senior Citizen Center made about $ 500.00 towards the Building Fund by raffling off the quilt.
The Senior Citizen Building Fund is up to $ 35,273.00
They still have about 250 Movie Calendars for Sale for $ 10.00 each.
If you would like to donate money towards building the new Senior Citizen Center or would like to purchase a Calendar, contact Karen Weatherman at (903) 885-1661.

Author: Savannah Everett

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