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As Medicare Issues New Cards; A New Scam Focused on Seniors Begin

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A Sulphur Springs citizen has received a call from someone attempting a new Medicare scam.

A new scam focused on seniors has begun as Medicare begins a yearlong program to replace all current Medicare cards for beneficiaries. The fact: The number on the card will no longer be the individual’s social security number but will be converted to an alphanumeric ID number. The scam: A phone call from someone saying they are with “Medicare” and you will need a temporary card which will cost between $5 and $50. No temporary cards are being issued by Medicare.

This is a sample of the new Medicare Card. A scam offers a temporary card for a fee. There will be no temporary cards issued by Medicare.

The new Medicare card will come to the beneficiary through the mail. Medicare never calls anyone unless a phone call is requested. All Medicare communications are by mail. The scam caller is asking for personal information, bank account or credit card numbers so they can process the temporary card. Again, there are no temporary cards that will be used by Medicare.

Medicare recipients will receive new cards with the new alphanumeric numbers between April 2018 and April 2019. Watch your mail for the new cards.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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