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How I have a Working Smartphone for Free: and How You Can Have One Too.

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In a word, FreedomPop.  Purchase a FreedomPop compatible phone, keep it under 200 talk minutes a month, stream videos only when connected to Wifi, and keep the text messages at a reasonable level and you can pay exactly $0 per month.

I have had my FreedomPop phone for 2 years now, and never incurred any charges, besides the $29.99 I paid upfront.  I figure that makes my average monthly bill around $29.99/24 months = Really Cheap.

Minutes don’t expire, and they don’t roll over.  Want the latest phone on the block? Probably not an option with FreedomPop.  Want a custom phone number? Nope, numbers are limited. But, if you really want to go cheap, load Google Hangouts and make calls for free over Wifi.  Hangout in the Sulphur Springs Dining District use the free Wifi and spend some the savings on a coke, an ice cream or a pizza. Did I mention it’s $0 per month?

Clearly these phones and plans are not for everyone.  However the potential saving over a year are worth looking into.

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Author: KSST Webmaster

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