Coach Talk: Wildcat, Lady Cat Soccer

Wiggins on Wildcats Soccer Win

The Wildcats’ soccer team had been in a drought for goal scoring coming into Friday’s game at home against Texas High but then a gully washer occurred. The Wildcats scored ten times in a 10-1 win. Texas High actually scored first on a corner kick. Then the Wildcats missed several chances. After the Wildcats finally tied the match with a goal, two more followed in the first half. The Wildcats led 3-1 at the half. They scored seven second half goals. Wildcats Coach Nicky Wiggins hopes the goal scoring becomes contagious. Having won two matches in a row, Coach Wiggins would rather have another game Tuesday rather than a bye. He says his team will probable have a game like scrimmage Tuesday to keep the team going like they are. The Wildcats return to play Friday at Mount Pleasant. Coach Wiggins says the Tigers have their top two goal scorers from last year back and he adds there is nothing pleasant about playing in Mount Pleasant.

Bailey on Lady Cats Emotional Win

The Lady Cats’ soccer team earned a 3-1 district win at Texas High Friday night and the match was very special because the Lady Tigers are now coached by former Lady Cats Coach Jesus DeLeon. Lady Cats Coach Joel Bailey said before the game the Lady Cats gave hugs to their old coach. Coach Bailey said once the game began the Lady Cats played with purpose, not to defeat Coach Deleon, but to win against the Lady Tigers. He said with the Lady Cats amped up for the game, they got on the Lady Tigers early and played a complete game. The Lady Cats did surrender their first district goal of the season. Coach Bailey said it occurred on a rebound after a corner kick. He said a Lady Tiger got off a wicked shot. Coach Bailey said keeper McKenna Gammill got a piece of the ball but it still went into the net. The game was tied 1-1 at half. The Lady Cats got two second half goals to put the game away. The Lady Cats are in first place with a 3-0 district mark. After a bye Tuesday, the Lady Cats play Mount Pleasant at Gerald Prim Stadium Friday night. With the Lady Cats playing so well, Coach Bailey said he wishes the Lady Cats were playing a game Tuesday night.

soccer ball net

soccer ball net

Author: Staff Reporter

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