Meet the North Hopkins Homecoming Court

By: Amy Sprague and Faith Wheeler [Editor’s Note: KSST welcomes North Hopkins students Faith and Amy as interns for the spring semester.]

2018 is here and so is the North Hopkins homecoming. Friday January 22 the North Hopkins panthers will welcome the Dallas Gateway Gators onto their home court and after the game the North Hopkins Homecoming Court will be presented and a new Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned.

Members of the Homecoming Court include: Freshman Prince and Princess; Kaden Penny and Kortni Ferrell. Sophomore Prince and Princess; Brennen Hicks and Madison Joslin. Junior Prince and Princess; Breeanna Hicks and Ryan Reed. The Queen nominees include Mattie Hall, Railey Lemond, and Kayci Nymeyer.

This is the first year North Hopkins will be presenting Prince and King candidates on the homecoming court. So, for the first time the King nominees are: Connor O’Bryan, Trey Patterson, and Chase Williams.

Left to right: Brennen Hicks, Madison Joslin, Ryan Reed, Breanna Hicks, Kortni Ferrel. Not pictured: Kaden Ferrell


Left to right: Kayci Nymeyer, Trey Patterson, and Connor O’Bryan. Not Pictured: Mattie Hall, Railey Lemond, and Chase Williams



Author: Staff Reporter

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