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Cumby ISD Celebrates School Board Appreciation Month

Cumby ISD Welcomes New School Board Members.

January is School Board Appreciation Month.  At Cumby ISD, we appreciate our board every day!!! Being a board member is a very thankless job, so when you see a board member, tell them thank you and how much you appreciate them volunteering their time to making our school and community better. Cumby ISD is fortunate to have such caring and supportive board members. Our board President is Jason Hudson, VP is Tammy Giles, Secretary is Tony Aguilar, and other members are Kenny Campbell, Jody Jarvis, Marsha Krotky, and David Tremor. In November we welcomed Kenny Campbell and Marsha Krotky, first–time board members. We said good-bye to Jeff Kinsey who served 9 years and Jesse Heer who served 19. At our January 18 regular schedule school board meeting we will honor them with dinner and treats prepared as a thank you from students and student organizations. We are truly blessed to have a board that serves and cares!!

Author: Savannah Owens

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