Auction of Seized Cattle Underway Wednesday

According to Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office the hundreds of head of cattle seized by the SPCA of Texas and Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office December 4-6, 2017 are being sold at auction today, Wednesday, January 17th, according to the court order issued in a settlement reached in Justice of the Peace court and upheld in an appeal made by the owner of the cattle, George Lawrence Bergin, 61, to Hopkins County Court at Law. The cattle are being sold at a Lamar County Sale Barn.

Bergin faces a Felony Cruelty to Animal charge which will not be influenced by the decision of the court regarding the sale of the animals.

The proceeds from the sale will reimburse the State of Texas and Hopkins County for any expenses in the care and maintenance of the cattle. The remainder of the proceeds over expenses will be paid to Burgin. If the sale proceeds falls short, Bergin will be responsible for  the additional charges in upkeep of the cattle until time of sale.

Author: Staff Reporter

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