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Second Annual Christmas Market: Major Success

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By Savannah OwensThe Second Annual Christmas Market was a huge success! There were many vendors out on Main Street, selling all sorts of Christmas gift items and cute home decor items. There were creative painted signs, wooden crosses, delicious smelling roasted Christmas nuts, coffee mugs, Dog biscuits, Stockings, Knit scarves, hand warmers, and hats!  There was even kids clothing, and  customizable earrings and jewelry. Not to mention the adorable Christmas shirts and sweaters, ornaments, bows, bath bombs, soaps and much more!

Created by the masterminds at Two Loops and Simply Spoiled, this market was a definite stop for all your Christmas gift-list needs! Who knows? After you check off all those lucky recipients on your list, you might even find some exciting things for yourself!

Chelby Murray was manning the Raffle/Giveaway table, sponsored by all of the vendors. Each vendor donated items from their booth and Chanda from two loops and Katie from Simply Spoiled compiled them all into six baskets full of Christmas goodies! Winners will be announced from 3:30 to 4:00pm, and proceeds from the raffle go towards supporting toy drives with local churches. You can also drop off a new unwrapped toy to the booth and receive a special discount card for all your holiday shopping needs!


SmallCakes had their food trailer out; selling their yummy cupcakes and treats to all. Shoppers were bundled up in winter coats and festive Christmas Sweaters, not even a little wind could keep this party from happening!

David and Pam Morrow sold a variety of really creative Christmas decorations. She had painted wooden trees, ornaments, and a biblical painting made for “a mantle”. Pam said her favorite items was her mantle piece and her decorative sleds. The sleds take approximately 5 to 6 hours to make. Pam’s inspiration comes from events she attends and Pintrest. She enjoys traveling to markets and sharing her creations with people.


Cindy Landcaster and Tracey Fox were there with their booth “Pretty Fabulous”, selling handmade gifts and specialty items. Tracey knits and sews the cup cozies, and Cindy makes the scented loofahs. Right now this duo is raising money for Cindy to go on a mission trip to Haiti. Both of the women work, so they started this as something to do for fun, and love “visiting with people [at the markets]”. They’ve had lots of traffic and say it was a “Very profitable day”. Tracey’s favorite thing to make it her bracelets.  She explained; “I love them! The more you wear them the fuzzier they get!” Cindy’s favorite loofah smells were “50 Shades and Black Tie”. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, and be sure to look for Cindy in “A  Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas” playing at the Main Street Theatre on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until Dec. 17th.


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Author: Savannah Everett

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