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Wildcat Football Coordinator Tuesday

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by Don Julian

Wildcats Defense

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron said he felt like the Wildcats played well in the win over Hallsville last Friday night. He said the defensive line played a heck of a game. Coach Abron said they were highly disruptive. Along with linemen D’Idrec Dugan, Calvin Eckert, Jose Rodriguez and Vuk Susic, Coach Abron said outside linebacker Kylan Wade also had a good game. He really liked the four interceptions, two by cornerback Terrell Turman and one each by safeties D.J. Abron and Jase Thompson. Coach Abron said the defenders ran to the football well and then made good tackles when they got there. Concerning Lucas Lovejoy, who the Wildcats play in a bi-district game Friday night, Coach Abron said their quarterback is the key. When he was hurt early in the season, the Leopards struggled. Coach Abron said when he came back, they lost to Highland Park and then he added that they had not lost since, winning five in a row. He said they remind him of Whitehouse, extremely explosive. Coach Abron said they were very good at scoring with their passing game. He said they have a talented pair of receivers including one who is a speedy track athlete who runs hurdles. Coach Abron added Lovejoy has a big running back who is a physical runner and who wants to put his footprint on defenders’ chests.

Wildcats Offense

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young said the offense in the Hallsville win last Friday was a little less than desired but he said it was enough to get a win. He complimented the Wildcats for getting three must wins at the end of the season after five losses in a row. Coach Young called them resilient and ones who persevere. He said the team stayed together when things were not going the way they wanted them to. Against Hallsville, Coach Young said he liked the touchdown drive the Wildcats got to open the third quarter. He said the level of execution was really high. Coach Young did acknowledge that the Wildcats need to score more touchdowns. He said twice they settled for field goals and one time they had a turnover. Coach Young praised the offensive line saying that they had come miles this year. He liked the running of Colton Allen and Searn Rodgers last Friday. Coach Young said Rodgers bided his time and then contributed when he had the chance. Coach Young said there were some factors that led to a small amount of passing yardage last Friday. He said with the lead, the Wildcats were running to use up the clock. Coach Young said when defenses don’t put people in the box to stop the run, he is going to call running plays. He said all that matters is that the number representing points for the Wildcats is higher than the opponents number on the scoreboard at the end of the game. Concerning Lovejoy, Coach Young said they will line up a lot like what the Wildcats have faced the past two weeks. However he said Lovejoy is much more multiple. Coach Young said they liked to blitz. He said the Leopard”s defense is anchored by middle linebacker Bumper Pool, a Division I commit. Coach Young said the Lovejoy front plays hard. He said they have a lot of good defense players who have length and who are speedy. Coach Young said he is pleased to be coaching in a playoff game at home. He said none of the Wildcats’ coaches have ever done that before.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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