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Sulphur Springs ISD Elementary Teacher Receives Award for Her Student Teaching at Commerce ISD

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COMMERCE, TX— Tiffany Kral received the “Clinical Teacher of the Year Award” from the Texas Directors of Field Experience (TDFE) for her student teaching at Commerce Independent School District. She was one of three teachers to accept the award at the Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education (CSOTTE) on October 22 in Corpus Christi.

Kral credited part of her success to the faculty’s ability to communicate with her as a colleague as opposed to a student-in-training.

The following individuals were present for the awards ceremony: Timothy Letzring, Dean, College of Education and Human Services; Mark J. Reid, Associate Dean; Rhonda Clark, Coordinator of the Northeast Texas Center for Professional Development and Teaching; and Nicole Pearce, who supervised Tiffany’s student teaching.

Letzring said, “This recognition of Tiffany as a student teacher is a testament to her talent and commitment to teaching.  We could not be prouder of her and also recognize the role of our faculty and the school partners who contributed to her success.”

Linda Mott, Director of Educator Certification and Academic Services, said, “Tiffany is an example of a true professional educator. She understands and knows that asking questions and continual learning is a hallmark of an effective teacher.” Mott was Kral’s sponsor for the award and a member of TDFE.

Kral, a Core Subjects EC-6 Special Education major, completed her student teaching in the spring of 2017 and now teaches 3rd grade math and science for Sulphur Springs ISD.

“Tiffany immersed herself wholeheartedly into her clinical teaching experience, seeking out every opportunity to gain pedagogical skills necessary for success as a future classroom teacher,” Pearce said.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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