Wildcat Football Coordinators Lament Loss; Look to Whitehouse

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Wildcats Offense

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young called the Wildcats offense inconsistent against Paris last Friday night. Still he said he saw some positive things. Coach Young said overall the Wildcats offense was better than previous weeks in terms of level of execution. He said Paris made some plays on defense while the Wildcats did some things that hurt their cause. Coach Young had praise for offensive linemen Norris English, Hayden Daniel and Jesus Olivo. He said the Wildcats got more physical play last Friday from B Backs Logan Caton and Jermond Bryant-Amos. Coach Young said he is stressing finishing to offensive players in practice this week. He said there were some trips into the red zone without touchdowns being scored. There were also some three and out drives. Coach Young said players have to remain focused and practice a lot to be consistent and to improve finishing. Concerning the Whitehouse defense the Wildcats will face this Friday, Coach Young said they are good again this year. He said they have some new players in the back that play around their best defensive player. Coach Young said Whitehouse is active in the defensive line. He said as a group, they run to the ball well He said the Wildcats offense will have a challenge on their hands Friday night.

Wildcats Defense

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron said his defense did not play a flawless game against Paris last Friday like he wanted them to. He said there were a lot of mistakes such as missed tackles. Coach Abron said all the mistakes are fixable. However he added when a defense only allows 14 points in regulation they have done something positive. Coach Abron was especially pleased when Paris went to a big lineup on third down and fourth down needing short yardage and the Wildcats big defensive lineup stuffed the plays on both downs. Coach Abron said the Wildcats defense played with great effort. He praised defensive end Calvin Eckert for chasing down Paris runners from behind. Concerning the Whitehouse offense, Coach Abron said they are very explosive. He said they have a quarterback who can deliver passes to receivers who are tall, fast and have good hands. Coach Abron said the Whitehouse offensive line would be the best the Wildcats have faced this season. He said the Wildcats defense must minimize big plays. He said unlike Whitehouse teams of the past, this offense will use a quarterback under center and will sometime deploy two running backs. Coach Abron added Whitehouse had a heck of a running back.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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