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SSISD Board Hears Security Audit

Students from Douglas Intermediate School showcased the Flipgrid app for Sulphur Springs School Board members Monday night during their regular session. The 5th grade students displayed the app with the assistance of Mrs. Shelley Burton to demonstrate one of the many things taking place to develop learning at the Intermediate School. The board also heard a report on accountability ratings and campus security audits.

Superintendent Michael Lamb reported to the board that the district and campuses met standards established by the Texas Education Agency.

Rusty Hardin, Assistant Superintendent, presented the security audit. The audit of the district facilities with a focus on security is conducted at least once every three years. Members of the community as well as school staff serve on the audit committees on each campus. Those serving on this audit were:

Team One – Travis Primary, SS Elementary, Austin Academic Center

          Jason Ricketson, Vickie Vaughan, Shawn Sinclair, and Andy Endsley

Team Two – Early Childhood Learning Center, Douglas Intermediate

          Mike Horne, Kristin Monk, Stan Kent, and David James

Team Three – Lamar Primary, SS Middle School

          Brent Smith, Rodney White, Lisa Robinson, and Corey Weatherford

Team Four – Bowie Primary, SS High School

          Tommy Panter, Josh Williams, Mitch Griggs, and Cody Stewart

Each team conducted an entrance interview, intruder assessment, risk factor checklist and a comprehensive electronic audit utilizing a toolkit they had been trained to use. Each team submitted commendations and recommendations for each campus. Their recommendations were both district wide and for each campus. Their commendations and recommendations included:

District Wide


  1. Campus Go Kits reflect best practices.
  2. The District’s Emergency Operation Plan has been updated and procedures are aligned to the plan.
  3. All staff and administrators have current Emergency Preparedness Guides.
  4. A police presence throughout the district provides a sense of safety for students, staff and community.
  5. Safety drills are documented and reported throughout the district.


  1. SSHS is still a pretty wide open campus. Measures need to be taken to tighten up that campus.
  2. Bus Barn and Maintenance Shop need to be more secure.
  3. Administration Building needs a focal point of entrance and a receptionist to direct people as they enter the building.

Early Childhood Learning Center


This school does a great job with their security being low key.  When you are on campus it does not feel like there is any security present to the students and parents but when needed all the proper protocols are being followed so that the students and faculty are safe.


  1. Address parking concerns. When large events like the first day of school and Meet the Teacher happen there is a large safety concern because of the lack of paved parking.  Parents park in the grass and there is not any order to the way they park.
  2. Also, there needs to be better lighting in the teacher parking lots especially when day light savings changes in the fall and it gets dark earlier.

Bowie Primary School


  1. Mock intruder was stopped immediately by campus staff. Campus policies were followed.
  2. Upon triggering exterior door alarm, faculty response was immediate and appropriate.
  3. The principal was well versed in her security procedures / plan.


  1. Review fencing adequacy in the playground area.
  2. Consider purchase of additional radios.
  3. Consider augmentation of parking lot lighting and cameras.
  4. Review ADA interior signage requirements.

Lamar Primary School


  1. Staff was organized.
  2. Staff was courteous.
  3. Staff was knowledgeable of policies and procedures.


  1. Build an enclosed walkway between main building and gym
  2. Install a higher fence around the playground
  3. Remove dead oak tree from the playground
  4. Install emergency backup lighting in the main building and gym
  5. Install more security cameras
  6. More radios for staff
  7. Check on the requirements for fire lanes around the school

Travis Primary School


  1. Visitor and Deliveries were very well monitored and documented.
  2. Some good fencing around play areas. (need to address some)
  3. Students monitored and supervised during bus loading.


  1. Need better lighting in the parking lot.
  2. Parking decals for staff.
  3. Low fence on playground needs to be higher. It is very low in places.
  4. Electrical breakers have dummy locks on them. Lock them.

Sulphur Springs Elementary School


  1. Visitors and deliveries were very well monitored and documented.
  2. Students leaving classrooms were also monitored well.
  3. Good fencing around play areas.
  4. Back parking lot fenced in.
  5. Students monitored and supervised during bus loading.


  1. Front door of school opens into classroom hallway. Needs to be more secure.

Douglas Intermediate School


  1. SSISD is lucky to have a principal like Holly Folmar. Multiple staff member complemented her as a principal.
  2. Officer Gattis does a great job helping in all aspects and really goes above and beyond protecting the school and the students.
  3. Douglas does a great job with their morning kid drop off. Our team was very impressed.


  1. Playground safety training for the teachers. It was mentioned that there is occasional disturbances from some residents that live near the playground.
  2. Add additional cameras in the teacher parking lot.
  3. Add an additional set of secured double doors to prevent an intruder from being able to pass up the office and get to the classrooms from the cafeteria.

Sulphur Springs Middle School


  1. Strong planning.
  2. Good communication.
  3. Staff was knowledgeable of policies and procedures


  1. Remove keys from buses when parked
  2. Make sure all fire lanes are identified and have “No Parking” painted on the curb
  3. Install newer security cameras that show more detail.
  4. Check to make sure all electrical outlets in Science labs close to sinks are GFCI.

Sulphur Springs High School


  1. Debbie Stribling intercepted our intruder in a timely fashion. She followed campus policy.
  2. Administration and staff are cognizant of policy and strive to see it enforced.
  3. The campus employs 2 police officers, 2 nurses, and 2 athletic trainers.
  4. The building and grounds were clean and well kept.


  1. Update the security plan for the newly acquired tech center facility.
  2. Improve signage to clearly indicate proper building entrances for students and community members.
  3. Research the need for interior signage (ADA Compliance).
  4. Have faculty monitor east entrance at the end of the school day.
  5. Upgrade first-aid kids in the CTE lab and shop areas.

Austin Academic Center:


  1. School is very secure.
  2. All doors automatically lock.
  3. Students are checked in at one location.


  1. Windows in classroom face out to busy road.
  2. Could use more fencing around west side of campus.



  1. Doors are labeled well with proper signage.
  2. Have designated area for package drop off.


  1. Building could be more secure. Maybe a main entrance with a receptionist to direct visitors.
  2. Have a better plan for people with limited mobility.

Special Services:


  1. Building is locked down extremely well.



  1. Gates are locked after hours and grounds are secure with high protective fencing.
  2. All busses are equipped with cameras.
  3. Panter has done a great job of cleaning up the shop and office areas.


  1. Secure the property. The Bus Barn is open to all visitors. No formal way for them to check in. The

Administrative Assistant cannot see who is coming onto the property or entering the building.



  1. Building is locked when no one is present.


  1. Building area is old and looks outdated.

The board approved the Quarterly Investment Report, Organizational Flow Charts for the Head Start program and Early Childhood Learning Center, and the Head Start personnel policy summary.



Chelsea Jordan                 SpEd Aide                         SS Elementary


New Personnel

Jimmy Marr                      Technology Aide                SS Elementary


Author: Staff Reporter

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