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Saltillo Boys Win Avery Cross Country Meet

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August 31   Red River County Invitational    hosted by Avery ISD
Varsity Boys Team: 1st Place:  Saltillo   55
                                                  MP Chapel Hill  95
                                                  Sulphur Bluff  116
Varsity Boys Individual:  8th  Walker McGill    18:44
                                       9th  Trevor Moore     18:47
                                      10th  Branson McGill 18:50
                                      12th Hendrick Rios    19:01
                                      16th Matt Gurley        19:41
                                      21st Dillion Beadle     20:12
JV Boys Team: 1st place:     Saltillo                 22
                                              Paris                   51
                                              MP Chapel Hill   75
JV Boys Individual:  1st  Garrett Tarver     19:30
                                 2nd Lyle Bench         20:22
                                 3rd Jayden Holloway 21:13
                                 4th Ben Moore           21:54
                                 12th Levi Hoover       23:20
                                 30th Chris Boekhors  26:26
JH Boys Team: 1st Place   Saltillo   59
                                           DeKalb  60
                                           Como-Pickton 154
JH Boys Individual:   2nd Coy Collins            11:53
                                  3rd Gunner Tarver       12:35
                                 10th Beckham Hoover  13:55
                                 20th Antonio Brown      16:48
                                 24th Andrew Welburn   16:50
August 26  Union Grove Invitational Meet  4A and under
Varsity Boys Team:        Palestine    61
                               2nd  Saltillo        188
                                       Commerce 262
Varsity Individual:  29th Branson McGill 16:52
 (221 runners)        30th Walker McGill    16:54
                              31st  Trevor Moore    17:00
                              33rd Hendrick Rios    17:05
                              65th  Matt Gurley       17:38
JV Individual            11th      Dillion Beadle    17:35
   (209 runners)        98th      Ben Moore          20:09
    6A and under       126th    Levi Hoover        21:45
                                159th    Chris Boekhorst  22:30
Coach Bill Giles, “Extremely proud of all 3 teams (JH,JV,V).  These young men are doing a great job of attending workouts and a great job of running as a ‘team'”
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Author: Staff Reporter

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