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Owens Talks Whitehouse at Weekly Media Meeting

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Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens talked about Whitehouse at his weekly media gathering Wednesday morning. In years past, playing Whitehouse was like looking into a mirror for the Wildcats. Offensive and defensive schemes for each team were similar.

Coach Owens says both teams are still a lot alike on offense. One difference is that Whitehouse will now occasionally put their quarterback under center. The Wildcats never do that. Coach Owens says the teams now have different defensive fronts. It’s a three man line for the Wildcats while Whitehouse uses a four man line. Coach Owens is very impressed with the front four of Whitehouse. Though not as athletic as the Wildcats have seen the past two weeks, the Whitehouse front four is more physical according to Coach Owens. He says the Whitehouse offensive line is good at putting a body on a body.

Coach Owens says Whitehouse will throw more than they run on offense. He says Whitehouse was a good seven on seven team this summer because they run good route patterns. A Cantrell, Cameron Cantrell, is their leading receiver. His brother was a Whitehouse star receiver and is now at Texas Tech. Coach Owens says Whitehouse has two good running backs, one is shifty and the other is a power runner. The Whitehouse quarterback manages a good mid-range passing game. The quarterback will also take off and run. Coach Owens says they don’t throw long as much as they used to. On defense, Whitehouse has a veteran free safety who is a difference maker according to Coach Owens. He says the Whitehouse secondary plays with confidence and attempts to keep everything in front of them.

As for keys to the game, Coach Owens says he is looking for his team to finish things and be consistent Friday.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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