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Christian Home Educators (CHESS) Conducts Informal Introduction to Basketball Program

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The Christian Home Educators of Sulphur Springs (CHESS) will be holding an informational meeting for its basketball program on Friday, September 8, 2017 at 6:00 PM at Central Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs, TX.  At that meeting the CHESS Sports Committee will give an overview of plans for the Knights’ 2017-18 season and discuss polices, fees and expectations related to the program. This will be a good opportunity for any local homeschool families who are considering participating in CHESS basketball learn more about the program. In order to participate in CHESS basketball student athletes must adhere to both local (available upon request) and NCHC national eligibility guidelines (

CHESS basketball is available for boys and girls who are age 8 and up as of September 1, 2017. Students ages of 12 and up are eligible to participate in our regular basketball program, while the younger children can participate in our developmental program. Developmental teams will not play as rigorous a schedule as the regular teams and they will have a different fee structure than teams in the regular program.

Prior to the parents’ meeting there will be a player evaluation for boys ages 8 and up. This will be an informal time for the coaches to assess numbers and talent. Evaluations will begin at 5:00 PM on September 8 at Central Baptist Church. Evaluations for the girls’ teams will take place during regular practices, which will begin next week for most teams.

For more information contact CHESS Knight Athletic Director, Danny Caldwell at [email protected].


CHESS Sports Guidelines for Competitive Teams
Revised September 4, 2013
Sports Coordinator Guidelines
1. Coordinates Sports Banquet in the spring.
2. Assists coaches as needed.
3. Purchases/distributes supplies, equipment, uniforms, etc.
4. Responsible for overseeing all Chess sporting events, games, practices,
5. Communicates with coaches and families in a timely manner concerning new
opportunities for students as the Lord leads.
Coach Guidelines
1. Coach is supportive of Sports Coordinator.
2. Coach is responsible for setting the schedule for practices.
3. Coach has the right to play students at his/her discretion (due to
attitude, ability, missed practices, goofing off during practices, etc.)
4. Coach starts/ends all practices and games in prayer. Keeps athletes
focused on pleasing God! Coach may bring devotions or have an athlete offer
one at his or her discretion.
5. Depending on the level of response from CHESS athletes, additional tryouts
may be used by the coach to fill the teams.
6. Each year the Coach will set the dates for the beginning of practices and
the cutoff for accepting additional players.
Athlete Guidelines
1. In order to play sports with CHESS, the athlete’s family must be a current
member of CHESS (i.e. family must have turned in completed application and
liability form and must have paid their CHESS dues.)
2. Shows respect to coach at all times.
3. Will listen to instruction and put forth his/her best effort.
4. Will do his/her best to attend all scheduled practices.
5. The athlete must be at least 12 years old on September 1 (at the beginning
of the school year).
6. If wearing shorts, athlete will only wear shorts that are at fingertip
length or longer. Athlete will not wear any clothing that shows or reveals
undergarments. These dress guidelines are for practices and games.
7. In order to be eligible to play sports with CHESS, an athlete needs to be
at least 51% home schooled and in compliance with the National Christian
Homeschool Championship player guidelines. Their eligibility policy can be
found on their website at Select “Eligibility” from the
menu bar across the top of the home page and then select “Guidelines” to see
all the details.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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