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Wildcats Football Coordinators Talk Friday Night at Sherman

Wildcats Football Offensive Coordinator Matt Young

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young compared his offense’s play in a Liberty-Eylau scrimmage last Friday to a roller coaster. Full of ups and downs, good things and bad things. He said the offense saw the consequences of not being consistent. Coach Young said he did see some positives, such as running backs running well and quarterbacks doing a good job of delivering the ball. He said he’s excited where the offense can go down the road. Here’s why. Coach Young said during the scrimmage, the Wildcats’ offense was limited to 30% to 40% of what was available. Know one shows you the good stuff at a scrimmage. He said the players are excited because the Wildcats are unleashing the full package on offense this week. Coach Young said a lot of players will be involved. He said expect 5 or 6 running backs and 5 or 6 receivers to be involved each game. Coach Young said he’s excited by the potential of the Wildcats’ offense this year.

Wildcats Football Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron.

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron said the scoreboard at the Liberty-Eylau scrimmage last Friday told a deceptive story. He added when the Wildcats had their core defensive group on the field, they made it tough for the Leopards to move the football. He said they might have scored once on his core group and he added he is pleased with that. Coach Abron does concede that the Wildcats’ defense has to do a better job of preventing big plays. He said all the errors made by the defense in the scrimmage were fixable. The first regular season assignment for the Wildcats is Sherman this Friday on the road. Last year big running back Nathiel Omayebu rambled through the Wildcats for three long touchdown runs. He is back. Coach Abron said the big back is hard to simulate in practice. To hold him down Friday, Coach Abron said the Wildcats must do a solid job of tackling. He told his defense to put their big boy pants on because Omayebu will be bringing it. Coach Abron said he saw two quarterback candidates for Sherman on tape from a scrimmage against Kinnedale last Friday. One is a big tall guy who does a good job in the pocket and has a quick release. A second quarterback is smaller but is a better run threat. Coach Abron said he was impressed with the Bearcats’ receivers. One in particular got his attention. He called him extremely active. Coach Abron also said Sherman effectively uses an H back as a wide receiver or tight end. The Bearcats’ offensive line also comes off the ball very well. Coach Abron said the Wildcats’ defense would have their hands full Friday so they better come ready to play.

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