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Teer Seeks Re-election as Justice of Peace Precinct 1

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Judge BJ Teer announces his intent to seek re-election for the Republican nomination for Hopkins County Justice of the Peace Pct 1.

“It has been an honor and pleasure to work for the citizen of Hopkins County, as the Justice of the Peace Pct. 1 since 2015.  I look forward to the opportunity serve for many more years.”

Since taking office in 2015, Hopkins County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 Court has disposed of over 5500 criminal case and over 1000 civil cases. Judge Teer has completed over 255 hours of continuing education from Texas Justice Training Center and Texas Municipal Court Education Center, including over 50 hours in the field of Inquest and Mass Fatalities.   He is a consultant for Texas Justice Training Center in Austin for teaching other judges in Texas about Inquest and Mass Fatalities.

“In 2014 election, I stated to the best of my ability, I would run the most effective, efficient, and fair court that was possible. Since taking office my budget has not increased (except for cost of living raises), our disposal rate of cases is still at over 90%.  The credit for the high rate of case disposal goes to my Clerks, for their hard work and their diligence to see fair justice for all.  I believe if you treat people with respect, they will in return respect you.  Our court philosophy is to treat everyone with the same respect that we want to be treated.  If  re-elect the citizen of Hopkins County is assured that I will to the best of my ability continually run a court and office that is effective , efficient and fair to all.”

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Author: Staff Reporter

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