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Sulphur Springs New Sister City

By Savannah Owens

If Sulphur Springs had a sister city it would be Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Allthough Calgary is much much larger than Sulphur Springs the two have many similarities.    Calgary has a rich history of cowboys, rodeos, cattle roundups and stampedes.  It started as a small city that grew through the great depression. Calgarians struggled through the dust bowl and prohibition just like many of the citizens of Sulphur Springs. Families in each city watched and prayed as their loved ones went off to war and proudly served their countries.  Both cities celebrate the heroes and memories of those who served with beautiful monuments.  Calgary like Sulphur Springs prides itself on having beautiful parks with gorgeous landscaping.

Calgary is such an amazing city. It’s similar to our  bustling Dallas metropolis with the historical and “small town” feel of Fort Worth. There are little shops, museums, restaurants, and cafes interspersed with the big name companies. There is something for everyone. Many visitors think its fun to just to walk around and explore the city. In July and August the temperatures remain between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are some places to visit in Calgary, Canada.

Glen Bow Art museum- The current Glen Bow exhibits pay tribute to Canadian heritage, and the native aboriginal populations. Canadian museums are very different from American museums because they’re more interactive and often include life-size displays. One of the exhibits was photographs taken by Douglas and Geraldine Moodie from their time in Canada’s North from 1903-1909. Geraldine was more known for her portrait photographs of the local Inuit community while her husband, Douglas, took photographs of landscapes and his work as a member of the North-West Mounted Police. For more information about the Moodie’s photography work click here. The Art museum has four different levels of exhibts. The top floors are the more permanent exhibits about Canda’s history and pioneer days, while the lower levels are where they house guest artist’s collections, such as the Moodie’s photographs.

Prince’s Island/Eau Claire– This beautifully maintained park  has beautiful flowers in lovely landscaping arragements as well as sculptures. It is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon sitting on a bench or under some trees reading.  As evening falls, visitors can find “Shakespeare in the Park.”  During the month of August, the acting  troupe  entertained the audience with a free family friendly rendition of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”.  Families and individuals sat on picnic blankets and in camping chairs as they enjoyed sandwiches and other picnic items that they brought.

Military Museum– Military Museum-History buffs will enjoy this phenomenal day trip. The expansive museum houses life size replicas of battles, tanks and airplanes, as well as information from WWI, WWII, The Korean War, and the War in Afghanistan. It is home to one of the infamous Enigma Machines, and pays tribute to numerous war heroes. There is an entire section devoted to the Cold War. Visitors will be transported in time as they experience a family friendly air-raid simulator. Guests can pretend to be a military pilot in the flight simulator. People of all ages can learn and appreciate this museum and Canada’s history.

For information on other places to eat at in Calgary click here.

Author: Savannah Everett

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