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“Mark Twain” to Appear at Cumby Student Fundraiser on Friday Aug. 4

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L.V. Davis was born at Rt. 1, Cumby, and in his later years has settled in a spot not far from where he started out. His acclaimed career as a performer and as an author was influenced by his formal education at Boles Home of Quinlan, Texas. Today, Mr. Davis retains a soft spot in his heart for students who grab opportunities to excel, and for coaches and teachers who place excellence as an option for their pupils. The public is invited to attend his fundraising performance at Cumby ISD Gym on Friday August 4 at 7pm. The $15 admission per person will help establish two Cumby scholarship funds, the “Lee Gifford Prize” for Robotics, and another yet-unnamed award for English, Speech and Writing Excellence.  100% of the proceeds will go into establishing  the scholarship funds at Cumby ISD.

In a KSST Morning Show interview, we learned that L.V. Davis was one of 9 children born into a cotton-farming family, and when his mother passed away leaving a houseful of children including two toddlers, his father had to make a hard decision. He decided to place the school-age children at Boles Home and Mr. Davis states that “that is the best thing he ever did for me”. Especially during high school, L.V. benefited from opportunities to travel and perform in annual Boles Home Fundraising Tours across the nation. He and his classmates performed at two World’s Fairs; Seattle in 1962 and New York in 1964 and sang for President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Outside of classroom studies during the school term, these summer tours provided the students a practical education and gave them a mind for business as well. He graduated with a class of 8 students in 1965, went on to college and soon afterward developed a character patterned after author Mark Twain’s famous lecture tours. For over 50 years, he performed across the country and today enjoys sharing his talent for benefits and worthy causes in the local area. Incidentally, he credits Boles Home for producing a quantity of students who have become professors and teachers, medical doctors, authors, successful leaders and others who have bettered the world.

L.V. and Sandra Davis live on a small farm at Cumby and love to travel when they can get away.

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Author: Enola Gay

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