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Hopkins County Jury Finds Epps Guilty for Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substances

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In Eighth Judicial District Court Tuesday, a Hopkins County Jury found Glenn Anthony Epps, 37, guilty of one count of Felony 1 Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 more than 1 gram but less than 4-grams in a Drug Free Zone, one count of Felony 3 Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 less than 1 gram in a Drug Free Zone, and one count of Felony 2 Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 more than 1 gram but less than 4-grams. Epps will be sentenced September 27th. He has two charges of Injury to a Child with Intent Bodily Injury pending future court action.


Epps, along with his wife were arrested at the Child Protective Services Office in Sulphur Springs in December, 2016 regarding two felony warrants for injury to a child. Epps was involved in a lengthy investigation by the Special Crimes Unit and CPS Agents regarding the sale and use of cocaine from his residence, 525 South Locust Street in Sulphur Springs.  During the completion of the case the two youngest children of nine living in the home tested positive for cocaine. At that time, warrants were issued for both the mother and the father. Any judicial proceedings for Epps wife, Tiffany Nicole Epps, 29, are pending.

His first arrest occurred on November 23, 2016 at the residence. During the search at that time by the Special Crimes Unit, a rectangular mirror containing a quantity of suspected crack cocaine weighing over 1-gram was in plain sight on top of the inside AC unit. Another clear bag containing over 1-gram of suspected crack cocaine was observed on the end table next to the bed. The Epps’ residence was within 1000 feet of a daycare center, a drug free zone, enhancing the charges.

Child Protective Services was also involved in the arrest. There were nine (9) children living in the residence and present during the possession and delivery of the controlled substance.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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