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CHRISTUS HEALTH Reports Minimal Damage to Facilities in South Texas; Utilizing Resources

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With at least 16 hospitals along the South Texas Coast closed due to flooding, CHRISTUS Health reports minimal damage to its facilities located along the area. Many hospitals will face serious financial costs due to damage to their facilities and other issues created by the hurricane.

William Knous, Manager, Internal and Public Affairs for CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Francis Hospitals told KSST News in an email Thursday morning that although damage reports to CHRISTUS Health facilities is minimal thus far, in face of floods and ongoing rain, their concern is to be there for the communities served.

Knous states, “For the last decade, CHRISTUS Health has focused on strengthening our buildings, installing windows and roofing materials designed to withstand storms like Harvey. Additionally, being part of a larger health system offers some advantages in this area. We’ve had nurses from CHRISTUS Health hospitals in Texarkana, Tyler, and the northern part of Louisiana volunteer to travel, work and add extra support for our South Texas facilities. They’ve been invaluable in our efforts to meet the needs of an influx of patients as a result of Harvey.  Because CHRISTUS Health is geographically spread throughout Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico, we’ve been able to pull resources and respond quickly when needed.”

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On Thursday, August 24, the Hopkins County EMS AMBUS and six local paramedics were deployed to the Texas Coast in preparation for Hurricane Harvey. They have been busy moving patients and care home residents. Their work has included taking patients to a CHRISTUS hospital in Corpus Christi.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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