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Mother Arrested for Child Endangerment; Family Tested Positive for Meth

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Special Crimes Unit, working with Child Protective Services, arrested Dana Gandy-Haynsworth, 26, of Mt Vernon at CPS office Thursday afternoon. Gandy-Haynesworth was arrested for Child Endangerment, a State Jail Felony.

CPS opened an investigation in June of this year testing Gandy-Haynesworth, her husband and their 4-year old child. The 4-year old child tested positive for Methamphetamine. Both the biological mother and the biological father tested positive for a variety of controlled substances.

The investigation continues according to Special Crimes Unit

Gandy-Haynesworth is in Hopkins County Jail being held on a $25,000 bond. The biological  father is in a drug rehab program at this time. His arrest is pending his release. The 4-yr old child has been placed with relatives.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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