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Disturbance Leads to Drug Arrest

Hopkins County Deputies responded to a disturbance on CR 2335 Monday evening around 6 p.m. where they found Jimmy De Odell, 59, who had knowingly pulled a trailer which held another individual. That individual had fallen inside the trailer. Odell was arrested for simple assault. However, the arresting officer noted bruxism, a clinching of the jaw muscles which is associated with methamphetamine use.

The deputy was given consent to search Odell’s residence by the other person who is also an occupant of the residence. In the bedroom of the residence shared by both parties, 4.68-grams of methamphetamine were found.

Odell is in Hopkins County Jail charged with Possession Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 more than 4-grams but less than 200-grams, a Felony 2, and with a Simple Assault misdemeanor.

Author: Staff Reporter

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