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The Hopkins County Championship Ice-Cream Freeze Off: WINNERS!!

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The Ice-Cream Freeze Off was a huge hit! There was a large crowd at 5:00 pm even though the event didn’t formally begin until 5:30 pm. Every attendee was given a People’s Choice Award ballot so that they could vote for their favorite ice cream flavor.  Approximately 50 Ice-Cream Freeze Off contestants created a variety of icy goodness in 5 categories: First Timers, Little Dip, Big Dip Classic, Big Dip Novelty, and Super Scoop.


People’s Choice:

Kim Dillard-Butter Pecan

First timers:

1st place: Gary Spraggins

2nd place: Jennifer Evans

3rd place: Lee Beck

Little Dip:

1st place: Machelle Allen-PB Nutty Bar

2nd place: Addison Bowers-Banana

3rd place: C.J. Deleon-Chocolate Butter Cashew

Big Dip Classic:

1st place: Kim Dillard-Vanilla

2nd place: Carlie Penson-Chocolate

3rd place: Tori Cotton-Vanilla

Big Dip Novelty:

1st place: Monte Wise Reese’s PB Cup

2nd place: Henry Penson-Key Lime Cheesecake

3rd place: Tony Colton-Salted Carmel

Super Scoop:

1st place: Jo Alice McCue-Chocolate

2nd place: James Ross-Creamy Strawberry

3rd place: Jo Alice McCue-Banana Pudding


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Author: Savannah Everett

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