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Friends spotted at the Freeze-Off!

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Isaiah Flores drove over 270 miles to visit the Dairy Festival. KSST caught up with Flores at the ice cream festival. “I can’t wait to come back next year! There was a Strawberry Lemon Crunch, that’s the one I voted for.” This was Flores’ first time to attend the Dairy Festival, and he went to every event. “My favorite part was probably the parade, and catching candy for all the little kids.” Flores also enjoyed visiting iconic sites around Sulphur Springs. “What I really enjoyed about the dairy museum was how educational and applicable it was.”

Linda Galligher commented about the ice cream festival’s new location at Shannon Oaks.  “It’s a perfect place to have the event. There’s perfect weather and shade under the oak trees.”

SSES Third grade teacher, Laura Owens, was spotted talking with students and other teachers at the event. Owens thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream festival, saying “it was amazing! I tried a little bit of everything and ate more ice cream than I probably should have…But I especially liked the key lime cheesecake!”

Vallesha Adams and son Zaiden had a blast at the Freeze-Off. Adams said “We love it. It’s been 20 years since we’ve been back, my husband just retired from the military and I’m introducing my kids to hometown traditions.” Zaiden age 2, got a coke float from the DairyQueen booth at the freeze off. After eating the whole thing, he announced “It was good!”

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Author: Savannah Everett

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