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Cedillo Faces State Jail Felony Charges for Shattering Glass Wall With Ring

His act is a State Jail Felony due to the value of the damage done. During an interview with Sulphur Springs Police Department Detective Bo Fox, Wesley Lane Cedillo, 18, listed as homeless confessed to vandalizing the glass restroom on the west side of Celebration Plaza Wednesday night.. He stated that he shattered the glass with his ring. The glass and other damage done in the Criminal Mischief is valued at over $2500.


The glass restroom now has two shattered windows and a barricade with police tape around it following the act of vandalism Wednesday night around 10 p.m. Video showed Cedillo wearing a ball cap and in the company of a female companion. He shattered the window and vandalized the flower beds and a flag pole nearby according to Detective Fox.  


Author: Staff Reporter

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