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Blueprint to Manhood Seeks Mentors and Youth Participants

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New Faith New Vision has partnered with Shannon Oaks Church to provide a youth seminar for young men (ages 7 to 18). The seminar will teach fundamental characteristics men need to be successful in today’s society. Youth will also be paired with mentors to supplement the material taught in the program throughout the year. Both mentors and youth participants may register for the event at

“The purpose of the event is to provide young males with a known positive male role model to help mentor them into God fearing men. Support provided by mentors will include social skills, recreational development, and emotional support. These skills will help supplement the work of parents, teachers, counselors, educational professionals, and social workers.


The event, August 5, 2017 from 7:1 5 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Shannon Oaks Church, 1113 Shannon Rd. E. in Sulphur Springs, is free to participants. Any male from 7 to 18 may sign up using the registration on the website or by contacting Shannon Oaks Church.

The program is seeking men to serve as mentors to the young men. Each mentor will be assigned to a group consisting of three to four males. The mentor will be responsible for meeting with each child in the group one hour per week. Through forming personal relationships, mentors will be able to judge and determine aspects of each young male’s life which can be improved. To help empower the mentor to be as successful as possible, captains will be assigned to each mentor to check the progress of mentee each group. This will be conducted through phone appointments, emails, and quarterly program meetings throughout the year. This program seeks authentic male models who can show young men how to live Christ-filled lives. This program helps to improve self-esteem, goal setting for the young males. This position is not meant to replace the role of the parent, but rather provide another line of support for the young men.

Qualifications of a mentor include: Must have personal relationship with Christ; must be above the age 21 years of age; agree to a criminal background check; agree to submit a signed agreement; agree to present a copy of ID; exhibit genuine concern for the youths’ and young men’s success


Mentors should be able to accept and relate to youth who may not share the same background as the themselves. The mentor should respect the mentee’s right to personality and independence. This respect is an essential element in the relationship. The mentor should have an excellent character while exhibiting wisdom, common sense, intelligence, friendliness, maturity, sensitivity, and responsibility all while exemplifying the love of GOD.

Those who mentor are asked to spend one hour per week with the “mentee” and attend quart early meetings throughout the year. For more information call Eric King, 903-348-0404.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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