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Lightning Strikes Disable Three City Warning Sirens Saturday Evening

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According to Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jay Sanders, two emergency warning sirens in the City of Sulphur Springs failed to sound Saturday evening when an imminent warning for a tornado was issued. Both had been struck by lightning before the warning was issued. Also during the siren’s sounding, a third siren was struck by lighting and was disabled.

Chief Sanders stated that the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was officially opened at 4:30 p.m. as members of the EOC team watched the progress of the tornados from Canton, Emory, and other locations that had potential to affect the city.  The center remained open until all severe weather had moved out of the area.

Sirens on Calvert Street and at the corner of Church and Bonner Streets were struck prior to the warning. Chief Sanders stated that thanks to the redundancy of the sirens in the city, no part of the city was without warning. The siren at the corner of Bonner and Church is located on city property at Fire Station 1.

The siren located on College Street at Lake Highlands Baptist Church was sounding when disabled by a lightning strike.

Chief Sanders said all three sirens should be repaired by the end of the day and prior to the possibility of severe weather in the area Wednesday.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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