Saltillo Students Advance to UIL Academic Regional Competition

Picture 1st Row L to R: Lorena Castro, Jocelyn Ochoa, Rainie English, Lindsay Butler & Brenda Castro; 2nd Row L to R: Hannah Wartenbee, Devin Pullen, Sienna Collins, Selena Hernandez, Ana Gallegos, Calli Callahan & Ben Moore; 3rd Row L to R: Zane Underwood, Robert White, Graycie Hodges, Cheyenne Neal, Brooke Stacey,Dillon Beadle, Christy Marquez, Trevor Moore, McKenna Wiler, Michael Simmons, Danielle Welch, Shelby Matlock, Adam Valenzuela, Lyle Bench, Branson McGill, Ryan Prewitt, Michael Clover & Matthew Gurley

Academics Spring Meet

Conference 1A District 23

  310Saltillo HS SaltilloAna Gallegos
Calculator Applications    
  310Saltillo HS SaltilloAna Gallegos
  48Saltillo HS SaltilloLorena Castro


Current Issues

  115Saltillo HS SaltilloRyan Prewitt
  212Saltillo HS SaltilloMatthew Gurley
  310Saltillo HS SaltilloBranson McGill
  64Saltillo HS SaltilloMcKenna Wiler
Editorial Writing    
  212Saltillo HS SaltilloCheyenne Neal
  310Saltillo HS SaltilloRainie English
  56Saltillo HS SaltilloLindsay Butler
Feature Writing  115Saltillo HS SaltilloCheyenne Neal
  212Saltillo HS SaltilloBrenda Castro
  310Saltillo HS SaltilloShelby Matlock

Headline Writing

  212Saltillo HS SaltilloMichael Simmons
  56Saltillo HS SaltilloShelby Matlock
Informative Speaking    
  64Saltillo HS SaltilloMcKenna Wiler
  64Saltillo HS SaltilloLyle Bench
Number Sense    
  211Saltillo HS SaltilloTrevor Moore
  48Saltillo HS SaltilloBranson McGill
News Writing  115Saltillo HS SaltilloBrenda Castro
  212Saltillo HS SaltilloShelby Matlock
  48Saltillo HS SaltilloLindsay Butler
Persuasive Speaking  115Saltillo HS SaltilloMichael Simmons
  48Saltillo HS SaltilloSelena Hernandez
  56Saltillo HS SaltilloRainie English
Ready Writing    
  56Saltillo HS SaltilloGraycie Hodges
  64Saltillo HS SaltilloMadison Simmons
  56Saltillo HS SaltilloCalli Callahan
  62Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur BluffBrenden L Greer
  62Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur BluffJacob J Watts
Social Studies  115Saltillo HS SaltilloZane Underwood
  48Saltillo HS SaltilloHannah Wartenbee
Spelling and Vocabulary    
  48Saltillo HS SaltilloGraycie Hodges
  56Saltillo HS SaltilloLorena Castro


Accounting  110Miller Grove H S Cumby
  25Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
Calculator Applications  110Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  25Saltillo HS Saltillo
Current Issues  110Saltillo HS Saltillo
Journalism  110Saltillo HS Saltillo
  25Miller Grove H S Cumby
Mathematics  110Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  25Saltillo HS Saltillo
Number Sense  110Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  25Saltillo HS Saltillo
One Act Play  172Miller Grove H S Cumby
  174Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  140Saltillo HS Saltillo
Science  110Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  25Saltillo HS Saltillo
Social Studies  110Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  25Fannindel HS Ladonia
Speech  110Sulphur Bluff HS Sulphur Bluff
  25Miller Grove H S Cumby
Spelling and Vocabulary  110Miller Grove H S Cumby
  25Saltillo HS Saltillo

Author: Staff Reporter

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