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Moments of Illumination During Ho-Hum City Council Meeting

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Sulphur Springs City Council made short work of a ho-hum agenda Tuesday night. However, there were moments of illumination.

During his report to the council, City Manager Marc Maxwell stated that the Hopkins County Courthouse has new lighting installed on the roof that will be synchronized with the lighting on Celebration Plaza and the downtown area. The lights on the courthouse were added, according to County Judge Robert Newsom, to add beauty to the historic building as well as become a complimentary piece to the city’s light shows at various times of the year. Newsom’s comments were made to KSST News several days prior to the council meeting.

The council also heard the reading of a proclamation recognizing April 4, 2017 as Recognition Day for National Service read by Mayor Emily Glass. The day recognizes volunteerism as a cost-effective strategy to meet the needs of cities, counties, and the nation. Locally, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton McGraw were recognized for their volunteer spirit and work by Senior Corps. The McGraw’s and other volunteers demonstrate commitment, dedication, and patriotism through service to their communities. The proclamation:

WHEREAS, service to others is a hallmark of the American character, and central to how we meet our challenges; and

WHEREAS, the nation’s counties are increasingly turning to national service and volunteerism as a cost-effective strategy to meet county needs; and

WHEREAS, participants in AmeriCorps and Senior Corps address the most pressing challenges facing our cities and nation, from educating students for jobs of the 21st century and supporting veterans and military families to providing health services and helping communities recover from natural disasters; and

WHEREAS, national service expands economic opportunity by creating more sustainable, resilient communities and providing education, career skills, and leadership abilities for those who serve; and

WHEREAS, AmeriCorps and Senior Corps participants serve in more than 50,000 locations across the country, bolstering the civic, neighborhood, and faith-based organizations that are so vital to our county’s economic and social well-being; and

WHEREAS, national service participants increase the impact of the organizations they serve, both through their direct service and by managing millions of additional volunteers; and

WHEREAS, national service represents a unique public-private partnership that invests in community solutions and leverages non-federal resources to strengthen community impact and increase the return on taxpayer dollars; and

WHEREAS, national service participants demonstrate commitment, dedication, and patriotism by making an intensive commitment to service, a commitment that remains with them in their future endeavors; and

WHEREAS, the Corporation for National and Community Service shares a priority with city and county officials nationwide to engage citizens, improve lives, and strengthen communities; and is joining with the National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, Cities of Service, and mayors and county officials across the country for the Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service on April 4, 2017.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, Emily Glass, Mayor of the City of Sulphur Springs, Texas, County of Hopkins, do hereby proclaim April 4, 2017, as National Service Recognition Day,  and encourage residents to recognize the positive impact of national service in our city; to thank those who serve; and to find ways to give back to their communities.

In other action the city delayed an ONCOR rate hike for 90 days to give time to study the increase and seek relief.  Residential rates would increase 11.8% for electricity delivery and commercial businesses would see an even great hike if the increase is implemented.

A $50,321.15 bid to replace water line on South Moore Street from Main Street to Belview was approved. The award was made to a Royce City company.

The appraisal district asked for a budget amendment due to legal expenses that the district has incurred. The council had told the appraisal district earlier in the budget year that the amount they requested from the city would not be enough in light of what was then a possible legal action brought against the district.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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