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First Day of Spring Football “a Very Good Day”

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Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens called Monday’s first day of spring football a very good day. He said he was excited by the retention level by players on both sides of the ball. Coach Owens said the athletes practiced with enthusiasm and energy.

He said the players concentrated on fundamentals during this class period Monday. That allowed for inside huddle work and team sessions after school. Coach Owens said the kids were flying around and were having a good time with the cooler weather inside the Multipurpose Building. As expected there were lots of blown plays. Coach Owens said the players would have to settle down a little. There will be video of the practice to see so that mistakes can be cleaned up. He said he is challenging the players to get better every day.

Coach Owens said the players were ready to hit somebody Monday. He said some of the players made him think, “who is that guy? Where did he come from?” The Wildcats also worked on aspects of the kicking game and they lifted weights Monday. Coach Owens said the beauty of spring ball is there is no upcoming game pressure so the coaching staff had the time to slow down and teach fundamentals.

Coach Owens said there were no first day injuries plus practice ended on time at 5:30 p.m. after the 3:50 p.m. Start.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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