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City Manager’s Report, April 4, 2017

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LOCUST STREET – The utility work (water, sewer, gas) is complete.  Cement stabilization and concrete work has begun at the north end of Locust.  Work will progress from north to south.

MOORE STREET.  –  Utility work has begun on Moore Street.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Work has begun at the wastewater treatment plant.  The contractor has excavated one very large hole to accommodate 3 new clarifiers, installed an underdrain system for the clarifiers and begun foundation work on the building that will house blowers for the new digesters.

CLAIMS – We one minor workers’ compensation claim in March and one liability claim arising from a police officer who backed into another vehicle.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Total suspended solids (TSS) came in at 1.63 mg/L, well within the limit of 10 mg/L.

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Peter Karstens will present a year-to-date summary of revenues and expenditures.

Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Conducted 31 building inspections, 17 electrical inspections, 17 plumbing inspections, 5 mechanical inspections and issued 23 building permits.
  • Made 18 extensive street repairs following utility repairs.
  • Repaired 455 potholes.
  • Repaired storm drain at Como & Bill Bradford.
  • Made concrete repairs in the Woodbridge subdivision following storm drain repair.
  • Repaired collapsed storm drain on Jackson.
  • Helped the County attach new courthouse lights to our computerized lighting system.
  • Responded to 227 animal control calls while achieving a 55% adoption rate.
  • Responded to 34 accidents, wrote 658 traffic citations, recorded 73 offences and made 73 arrests.
  • Performed multiple routine maintenance items as well as repairs at the wastewater treatment plant and the water treatment plant.
  • Repaired 6 water main breaks, and replaced 12 water meters.
  • Unstopped 30 sewer mains.
  • Repaired 11 sewer mains.
  • Washed 70,000 feet of sewer mains.
  • Flushed 35 dead end water mains.
  • Operated Cooper Lake Pump Station on emergency power for 2 days while Oncor made upgrades on the substation.
  • Treated 129 million gallons of potable water.
  • Responded to 138 fire/rescue calls including 5 structure fires.
  • Checked out 3,022 items from the library.
  • Hosted a 32 team softball tournament.
  • Sold 2,510 gallons of AvGas and 7,953 gallons of JetA fuel.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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