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Radio Group Reorganizing as Day-to-Day Financial Discrepancies Led to Morgan Arrest

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The Way Radio Group has begun the process of reorganizing their LLC, redoing their FCC license, and changing the format of one of the two stations they operate in Sulphur Springs. The changes come following the arrest of Craig Thomas “Moose” Morgan, who had served as president of the group and lead talent on “Moose in the Morning” on the country and western station.

Morgan has been charged with a Felony 3 Theft and with Giving False Statement to Obtain Property or Credit, a State Jail Felony. According to Dr. Darrel Pierce, now President of The Way Radio Group, the current charges stem from Morgan’s mismanagement at the radio station.

According to Pierce, a partner and spokesperson for the group, the country station format will be changed to a new format that will be introduced on Monday, March 27. According to Pierce, the Thunder Country branded station was pushed but was not making the money anticipated or needed for the progress of the group. Pierce said the country station made the group pull back.

He stated that the partners began to question Morgan as bills were not being paid. That led to an examination of three years of bank statements. There the group found day-to-day discrepancies that were on-going. Pierce said some discrepancies were blatant in the use of funds for other purposes than the radio station and its expenses. Other discrepancies were not so blatant. He said a process is in place to pay the bills and that people in the community have been helpful regarding what is owed by the group to those debtors.

Pierce noted that the radio stations have a good group of talent that will now run the programming. He stated much of the talent had been stifled but were now free to express their creativity. Three staff people remain. Heather Hutches is Production/Traffic Director and passionate about Christian radio. Pip Bickford is Promotions Director. Daniel Starks is Digital Director and responsible for news. Pierce stated one other, whom he did not name, has been employed by the station for sales and as business manager.

The Christian radio station will remain the same in format according to Pierce.   He said the members of the group, which include Dr. and Mrs. Darrel Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Benny Johnson, Mr. &  Mrs. Bobby Harris,  Mr. and Mrs. Andy Endsley, and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sustaire, became involved in the venture specifically because of the Christian Radio Station.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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